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We are an international team of three natural vision teachers who help you to reach the goal of improving your vision naturally without glasses.  We have an online academy where you can learn how to improve your vision naturally from home and run international retreats to improve your vision and health.

Our story

Marina Montiel

Fedor Simonov

Lila Ungvary

Marina is a Bates Method teacher, a Yoga instructor and an Educational Psychologist.

She healed her visual troubles thanks to The Bates Method, yoga and other techniques. Now, she encourages people to do the same around the world.

She teaches yoga and the Bates Method in workshops, private lessons, and talks in the Uk, Spain, India and more countries. Marina also holds yoga and vision retreats in different locations.

Fedor is a natural eyesight recovery expert and an international qigong specialist. Also a self-development systems, health, relationship and business consultant and coach.

He is the author of the methods of the complex eyesight recovery program “Eye-Diamond”, Fedor has been successfully helping people all around the globe to recover their eyesight since 2008. 

Lilla Ungvary started her work as an ophthalmologist. Soon she were interested in holistic treatments and studied Chinese medicine. Later, she met the Bates method and started using it with her patients. 

The emotional problems of the patients inspired her to study somatodrama which is a body-feelings-soul connection method. Today she is combining this method with Bates method with her clients with good result.  

What is the Natural Vision Improvement?

How does it work?

Natural Vision is a visual recovery system based on relaxation, movement and visual games. It is a natural alternative to glasses, contact lenses and eye surgeries. We practice different techniques with the intention of changing bad habits of vision for healthier visual habits and integrate them into daily life.

The natural vision started about 100 years ago and it was called Bates Method. It was created by Dr. Ophthalmologist William Bates, who realized that people with good vision and people with poor vision use their eyes in a different way. According to his research, mental stress can cause tension in the eyes, and then people squeeze the eye muscles producing a deformation of your eyeball and causing blur in the eyes.

Are you tired of seeing badly?

Can’t you work on the PC as long as you need without tension and headache?

Is your income dependent on how good you can see?

Can’t you read your favorite books or watch TV effortlessly? 

Are you worried about your possible vision deterioration now and in the future? 

Do you feel pain and fatigue in the eyes and body? 

Have you got ‘dry’ eyes? 

Can’t you keep wearing glasses or lenses any more?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you are at the right place.

Here, you’ll find very useful information about how to improve your vision naturally.


About 100 years ago, the Doctor William Bates (1860-1931) realized that vision is variable and can improve. He was the pioneer in talking about natural vision. He was an ophthalmologist from the United States who, after years working in conventional ophthalmology, began to feel dissatisfied with his own practice in which he simply provided his patients with glasses. 


Finally, he decided to start his own research on the different visual conditions and developed the Bates Method.

Since then, many people around the world improved their vision. And today there are lot of natural vision improvement teachers helping others to give up their glasses for good.


Today, life-style has changed. That’s why natural vision improvement has done it as well.

We are different because we combine different techniques to get your goal of improving your vision. We combine Bates Method, Qigong, Eye Diamond Method, Somatodrama, Yoga, and Myofascial release. All this supported for our eye doctor Lilla.

Let us make part of your visual improvement journey!

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How to start?


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Find out how your vision is going and learn easy techniques to improve your eyesight without glasses.


Join us and improve your vision with us in live sessions. 

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